“ARAI CPA Office” helps foreign nationals to start a business in Japan and establish a company!
Our services are as follows;

1. To help to acquire “Investor/Business Manager Visa”
If you are a foreign national who wants to start a business in Japan, in principle, acquiring “Investor/Business Manager Visa” is necessary.  We help you to acquire “Investor/Business Manager Visa.”

2. To help the application for “highly skilled foreign professionals”
Since May 7, 2012, the points-based system providing “highly skilled foreign professionals” with preferential immigration treatment has started. Under this points-based system, foreign professionals who earn 70 points or more will be recognized as “highly skilled foreign professionals” and will be given preferential immigration treatment. We help you to apply for “highly skilled foreign professionals.”
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3. To help to establish a company
We help you to establish a company in Japan. The types of the company we help to establish are as follows;
  • Kabushiki-Kaisha (joint-stock corporation)
  • Godo-Kaisha (LLC : Limited Liabilities Company)
Because our office has a right to use electronic certification for “articls of incorporation,” we can offer you the following reasonable price;

The first consultation fee is Free. Please contact us if you are thinking of establishment of these companies in Japan.
4. Tax adviser (To file your company’s tax return)
Our office can be your tax advisor as accounting professionals. Please contact us if you need a reliable tax adviser.